Fiscal Paulista Note


Understand the changes made by the State Government to donate your PAULISTA FISCAL NOTE! Now the donations must be made by the consumer in the application or in the site of the Secretary of the Treasury. Make your auto registration!   For one year, informing the CPF at the time of purchase, the tax coupon credits will automatically be reverted to help Maintain our projects in favor of VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

Go to HERE and choose ASSOCIATION HANDSFREE PROGRAM from the "Entities" menu. For one year, informing the CPF at the time of purchase, the tax coupon credits will automatically be reverted to help Maintain our projects in favor of VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.



We have now noticed that there are many abusive and obsessive relationships being experienced by us. This dynamics is shown among couples, family, friends and the workplace (...), bringing with it all consequences, often painful consequences that can generate (Aggressions, Violence, depression, suicide ...). There is no way to make a list to say if the relationship is abusive or obsessive, because each person has its functioning, but there is what makes you bad, what chokes you, the exaggerations or how much you can impose and expose yourself in that relationship, in short, we know when something escapes the limit, and when we are disrespected. But when do we know that there is something outside the "normal" and we can not or do nothing? Many cases are related to love relationships, being the woman most impaired in the relationship, where the same goes through constraints in the day to day and often by aggressions, physical or psychological, and most of the time silencing all this situation, isolating themselves socially and their families, and idealizing a life that actually only exists in her head. Fear, shame, anguish and pain are some of the feelings experienced by women who are victims of domestic, physical, sexual and psychological violence. Those who experience domestic violence have a closeness to aggressor who are their companions and husbands establishing a relationship of trust, love and hate. Due to the particularity of these feelings, the woman is in a situation of vulnerability and has difficulties in recognizing and naming the events occurred as violent.

This woman believes that her behavior provokes the violent acts of her companion, feeling guilty for all the situation experienced. People in these situations tend to be afraid, afraid of the future, afraid of not being able to support themselves to be ashamed of reality, embarrassed to assume they need help, and not knowing what to do. There are also those who believe that they are living something natural, perhaps by repeating familiar patterns (eg, my mother also went through this), and end up accepting such behaviors, even those doing her harm, because they believe that one day maybe that will change. It is very difficult to break this situation alone, because psychological or physical violence causes the woman to become very shaken, damaging her emotionally, affecting her self-esteem, self-confidence, isolating her from everything and everyone.       "Dial 180 - Women's Assistance Center, receive denunciations, guide and refer cases of violence. Free service ".

124/5000 Lili D. Bianchini CRP: 06./135897 Phone: (16) 99117-1045
Service in Sertãozinho and Ribeirão-Preto.

Viviane Mozer CRP: 06/135886 Phone: (16) 3877-7777 - (16) 98817-0517
Attendance in Ribeirão Preto, Vila Tiberio neighborhood.

The association PME offers activities such as psychological assistance, painting workshops, crochet workshops, costume jewelery workshops, sewing and modeling classes, Minuto salud, digital inclusion and other activities. For more information our address is in the street: José Aissum nº829 Neighborhood: Pq dos Bandeirantes City of Ribeirão Preto-SP. Phone for contact (16) 3103-7492     PME- Woman